Good Morning Mr. Moon

Set & Venue Design/Set Construction/Poster Design/Puppeteer Styling


Hot Water Bottle Theatre Company

Monkstown Puppet Festival

Knox Hall, Dublin September 2019

Written by: Jack Rogers (also set design/construction)

Character Design & Puppet Construction: Aisling Doyle

Sound Designer: Philly Holmes

Puppet Costumes: Robyn Freen & Bobbie McDonnell

Art Team: Fionnuala Devins, Claire McCauley, Saoirse Daly-McManus

Production Photography: Eleanor Rogers

In 2019 I teamed up with two designers, Jack Rogers and Aisling Doyle, forming a creative team to produce an original performance for the Monkstown Puppet Festival in Dublin and establishing Hot Water Bottle Theatre Company. We delegated various writing, design and construction tasks between ourselves and collaborated with other artists, performers and sound designers to create a family-friendly puppet show. 

With an original script written by our co-creator Jack and a musical score composed by our collaborator Philly Holmes, we devised a seascape world connecting the Moon with the Earth, taking inspiration from early 20th century Méliès films and Bunraku style puppetry. To create a cosy and immersive space, we constructed a ‘fort’ made of bedsheets as our venue within Knox Hall and the show contained no dialogue, only music accompaniment. My main tasks varied from designing the overall concept of the space and set, set construction, to the creation of the show poster and styling of the puppeteers.

Sea DancePhilly Holmes
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