Costume Construction

Act Five Scene Five


Completed in lock-down, during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am proud to say I created a full costume at home as part of my Major project’s technical assessment. I chose to construct the ensemble for the lead character Macbeth in Act Five, when he has reached the peak of his murderous rampage and lost all shred of sanity, desperately grasping to the misleading predictions of the witches that ultimately lead to his demise. This ensemble would be worn by Macbeth in Act One, but with more subdued dull grey lacing on the jacket’s sleeve and the same grey leather armour as his Thane comrades. As the character becomes more savage, more red is introduced. The costume consists of a quilted black leather doublet, fastened with leather straps and sleeves with eyelets dressed in chaotic red lacing, a black denim wrap half-skirt layered over matching low-crotch pants - both buckled with denim belts, and finally a leather armour shoulder piece dyed red and black and carved with the image of a ‘hellhound’ - all fastened together with suede lacing and gun-metal buckles. In reality, the costume would then be broken down for authenticity.

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